July In My Garden

KnockOut Roses

One of the hottest months in the Southeastern U.S. is July and so the flowers that can really "take it" are often the choice of the southern gardener.

Fairly new to my garden is KnockOut roses. In the past, I have had hybrid roses, however they seem to attract more pests than do KnockOuts and consequently require more TLC. Part of the beauty of KnockOuts is that they bloom along with Vinca and daisies.

KnockOut's color range is from several shades of peach to dark orange, as well as magenta, pink, and yummy pink! Oh yes, don't forget the quiet white ones! They are extremely heat tolerant and trimming them knows no rules, but the very best thing about KnockOuts are they bloom prolifically!

I always enjoy painting roses. Here is the full size image of the painting.

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