The Story of Nautical Charts

I don’t  sail, nor do I swim.  Even when I visit the ocean I don't go into the water. Not to say I don't love the ocean, I do...

I just want to look at it and paint it!

If you have an ocean to paint, then you probably have a sunset too (our ocean has a sunrise) but more than the ocean itself, there are ocean crabs, (the cute little ones we call fiddler crabs). They live in the sand and feature gigantic claw and one very small one. 

The ocean and her rivers can also be treacherous to would-be sailors.  A charting system was developed to aid in navigation. Initially, a weight tethered to a rope was dropped overboard from a small boat. The tether would be marked in fathoms and then recorded on charts which would be used by sailors to make certain their vessels would not venture where the waters were too shallow.

Where did the idea of incorporating charts into my paintings come from?  First, I like the look of the charts. The way the rivers and waterways twist and turn around the land mass is nature's art to me. I like the idea of incorporating their art with mine.

For more images of my nautical chart paintings visit the gallery.

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